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Indie Jewelry
Made in Columbia, SC


Get to know Melissa at January Jewelry


I am a metalsmith and I handcraft every piece of jewelry in my home studio. I create during the luxury of preschool and nap-time for my 4 and half year old daughter. It's an ebb and flow of balance, but the creative gene runs in my blood and I have to create! I can't wait to share my studio with my sweet little girl - but only when it's safer! Torches and saw blades don't mix with toddlers. As an artist, I have always loved tinkering with tools and designing in an organic and carefree manner. My inspiration comes from my childhood growing up in the mountains and outdoors....where I learned that I love nature and the beauty it possesses. To express my ideas and designs from that has brought about a lovely variety of jewelry. It's usually described as delicate, elegant, and romantic, all the while, unique and wonderfully handcrafted.



I went to East Carolina University in 2004. I received my BFA in Art Education and Metal Design. Upon graduating, I began teaching at a small K-8 charter school. It was an absolute joy and children stole my heart! When my husband got out of the military in 2012, his job relocated us to Columbia, SC. I decided to pursue my entrepreneurial goals as a creative business owner, and January Jewelry was created.



Being drawn to a look of fresh simplicity which transcends the style of the wearer, I seek to have pieces that appeal to the modern woman—in all her variations. The jewelry I create can be a casual, everyday adornment or a sophisticated element on more formal occasions. January Jewelry brings a feminine quality to such elements of strength and remains a true symbol to the heart of the person it adorns.